In 2015, a survey was conducted by the Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition with support from Friends of Outdoor School to assist Oregon State University Extension Services in planning for a statewide outdoor school grant program. This grant program was set forth by Senate Bill 439 (the Outdoor School Bill) passed into law by the Oregon Legislature in 2105 and funded through the passage of Measure 99 in November 2016.

The grant program is expected to expand the need for camp facilities, from the current capacity of approximately 25,000 students statewide to approximately 55,000 students. The emailed survey went to 126 camp facilities and sought to identify residential camps serving Oregon students. It asked about their history hosting Outdoor School programs, as well as their ability and/or willingness to host Outdoor School programs in the future. The camps were identified using information from the American Camp Association (ACA) directory, Christian camp directories, and various online searches.

Camps hosting Outdoor School Programming + overnight capacities

Camps hosting Outdoor School Programming + ADA accessibility

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