What is No Oregon Child Left Inside?


In 2009, the Oregon Legislature passed the No Oregon Child Left Inside (NOCLI) Act, establishing an eleven-member task force charged with developing the Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan: Toward a Sustainable Future (OELP).

The OELP, accepted by the Oregon Legislature in 2010, articulates a vision for education in Oregon where every student experiences a continuum of place-based, outdoor learning opportunities and gains the understanding necessary to become a lifelong steward of their environment and community.

NOCLI envisions a statewide school system where students:

  • Engage with nature for inspiration in reading, writing and art
  • Learn from community mentors, elders and experts
  • Spend a week in the woods in hands-on study of ecology
  • Learn to monitor local restoration projects
  • Work to enhance their community (video)
  • Grow their own food or source it from local farmers
  • Graduate fully prepared for college, career, and citizenship

This is our vision.

We’re working to get there, one school at a time – and your help can make all the difference.

What you can do:

  • Become a partner
  • Donate
  • Volunteer

The Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan is a collaborative statewide project, housed in the near-term by the Gray Family Foundation, but transitioning to Oregon State University Extension. By joining us, you support our efforts to reconnect Oregon youth with the natural world and help cultivate in them a lifelong commitment to sound environmental stewardship.

Your contributions will help:

  • Enable implementation of the Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan in schools across Oregon.
  • Promote a curriculum that includes outdoor education activities in every discipline and at every grade level
  • Support educators with relevant professional development opportunities.
  • Advance research and disseminate best practices and models to educators.
  • Enrich our culture and advance civic life.
  • Bridge gaps between classrooms and community.