campplatformJohn Gray identified the ongoing maintenance of Outdoor School camp facilities as a critical factor in preserving a full range of options for kids to get outside. Since 2014, this grant program has annually invested $455,000 directly into the improvement of existing facilities at outdoor residential camps throughout the state.

The Gray Family Foundation works directly with Outdoor School organizations and their network of camps to identify those facilities that serve outdoor school, have maintenance and improvement needs, are geographically dispersed, and reflect the Gray Family Foundation’s values regarding inclusion and multi-cultural diversity.

In 2014, the Gray Family Foundation will be giving $35,000 each to the following camps*:

Camp Hancock – Central Oregon
Camp Magruder – Coastal Oregon
Camp Westwind – Coastal Oregon
Camp Kiwanilong – Coastal Oregon
Camp Howard – Willamette Valley
Camp Namanu – Willamette Valley
Camp Arrah Wanna – Willamette Valley
Camp Tadmor – Mid-Willamette Valley
Jaw Bone Flats – Opal Creek, Mid-Willamette Valley Cascades
Camp Tamarack – Central Cascades
Suttle Lake Camp – Central Cascades
Deer Creek Center – Siskyiou Field Institute, Southern Oregon
Sun Pass Camp – Klamath Outdoor Science School, Southern Oregon

The Gray Family Foundation Maintains a comprehensive list of camp facilities in Oregon that serve outdoor school. If your camp is not on the list and you think it should be, please let us know.

*Please note: This listing does not imply eligibility or commitments for future funding.